Making Space Panelist Naarah McDonald

Photo courtesy of Naarah McDonald; taken by Nate Watters for Terra Clarke Olson’s project “The Unicorn Files”.

If you’ve ever wandered downtown Tacoma, you have probably happened on the Productivity Parlour for Artful Living. Co-owner/ Co-director of the Productivity Parlour, Naarah McDonald, will be joining our Jet City Comic Show panel, “Making Space: Accessibility and Diversity in Geek Culture,” alongside panelists Alease Frieson, Anna Nepomuceno, and Stephanie Anne Johnson, and moderator Suzanne Skaar (oh hey, that’s me!). Here’s more about Naarah in her own words:

“Naarah McDonald has worked in a variety of fields from customer service to higher education, from theater to film, from non-profits to small business. She has worked with gaming and comic conventions and seen the trends for inclusivity and diversity implemented in a variety of ways. Her interests overlap a variety of genres, but nothing captures her passion like the textile arts, and how one dresses can change the way one feels.”

I can’t wait to talk with Naarah and the rest of the panel about their experiences and ideas on this important topic. Our panel starts at 11 am on Saturday, October 26, in Room 405 at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center. Get your tickets at See you there!


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