Tear Gas Exposure

While we try to keep politics off the studio page, there are certain events we cannot let pass by without comment. Our nation claims to provide the constitutional rights of freedom of assembly and speech, and yet protesters are met with tear gas and rubber bullets. People of Ferguson and other global revolutions, our thoughts are with you. Please share this information regarding tear gas exposure. It’s not a joke. Our studio is named for our daughter who’s here, but I don’t go a day without thinking about the child we lost to tear gas in 2011.

Don’t let this violation of civil rights go on. We deserve the right to be heard as citizens of this world, regardless of race or socio-economic class.


Ban Tear Gas Now!

If tear gas is deployed and you are exposed, please remember that this is not a joke. It is not harmless, and others around you may be impacted by it more than you. Even if you don’t immediately feel the effects, seek medical assistance quickly. Rinse your eyes and discard clothing that has been exposed as soon as possible. In some cases, water can actually reactivate the tear gas, which is why it is important to seek medical attention.

If you are pregnant, remain calm, but immediately leave the area. Tell others so that they can assist you. Get to the nearest emergency room and explain what has happened. Demand an ultrasound and a plan for follow-up care. Do not let a doctor brush off your exposure due to a lack of experience on his or her part. US Poison Control may state that at as long as you were…

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We’ve been joking about this for a while, but the gauntlet is down. For the next 30 days (or until we get sick of this), a battle of epic proportions will take place.

Tim Kapler vs. Suzanne Skaar: Who can make the cutest picture?


1. Work must be posted on alternating days. 

2. Art must be new.

3. Rules can change.


First slap:

Suzanne’s Baby Armadillo.

Baby Armadillo. Suzanne Skaar. Digital Media. 2014. Cute-off Entry #1.
Baby Armadillo. Suzanne Skaar. Digital Media. 2014.
Cute-off Entry #1.

Beat that, Kapler.