No Mine! Studios First Sticker Contest!

December 2013 Sticker
December 2013 Sticker

Help us spread our art far and wide! Simply print a 3 inch x 3 inch sticker and pop it.

Take a picture of the sticker (your smiling face optional), and email it to with the location in the subject line. If there’s a funny or interesting story that came along as a result of playing our game, let us know!

1. Don’t get hurt! We like you.
2. By choosing to participate, you promise to use common sense.
3. Don’t sue us. (Should this rule be number 1?)
4. Be creative!
5. Submit your picture by the deadline.

We’ll send our favorites an original signed print of the artwork without the code. We’ll also post the winning pictures on our website.

The deadline to participate in December’s contest is midnight, January 2, 2014. If this goes well, we’ll post a different sticker for January.

Happy sticker-ing!!!

Suzanne, Tim, and Isobel

*No Mine! Studios reserves the right to change the rules at any point.

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Suzanne Skaar. Untitled work in progress. 12/5/13. Bristol board and X-acto knife.

This work was actually inspired by a picture posted by New Moon Goat Rescue & Sanctuary, located in Arlington, WA. They just lost a goat, Gypsy, despite I’m sure their best efforts to save her. Click on the picture above to visit their Facebook page, and consider how you can help them continue to provide love and care for animals in need.