Goings On

Thank you to everyone who came out to see our work at Metro Coffee in downtown Tacoma! And thank you to everyone at Metro Coffee for being such gracious hosts. Today was the last official day of the show. If you saw a piece you wanted to buy, email nominestudios [at] hotmail [dot] com, and we’ll be happy to make arrangements with you.

In other news, we’re excited to announce that Suzanne has been accepted for the next round of Tacoma Spaceworks program! We’ll announce more details later. In the meantime, you can check out Spaceworks’ site for details about what they do, and we’re going to go celebrate (i.e., watch cartoons with a toddler).

Happy Friday!

Some New & Old Work up at Metro!


Starting Monday, you can see some new/ old/ never-shown handmade art/ prints up at Metro Coffee in downtown Tacoma. We’ll post pictures throughout this coming week. Don’t wait until ArtsWalk to stop by and purchase what you like!

As always, thank you for your support! If you like what we do, friend us on Facebook, and tell your friends!

the No Mine! Studios gang