South Side Animation Club Details

What’s New

Join the South Side Animation Club at Tacoma Public Library Moore Branch (215 S 56th St) on Saturday, March 25, 2023 for our first meeting! Free and all ages. Presented by No, Mine! Studios and the Tacoma Public Library, with support from the City of Tacoma Arts Commission.

The date for the first South Side Animation Club is getting closer (March 25, 10 a.m.-12 p.m. at the Tacoma Public Library Moore Branch), and preparations are going well! 

No, Mine! Studios Interns Jillian Schmitt and Sterling Kelly helped assemble 40 Animation Kits that will be given away to participants for free on a first come, first served basis. We’re also planning to expand the resources available for the stop motion station, so last week I trekked out to TinkerTopia to get some ideas. I highly recommend supporting this local business if you’re looking for additional stop motion set building supplies and figurines to use for animation.

Club Meeting Format

Each club meeting will be set up with multiple stations dedicated to different styles of animation. Participants are free to float between stations. 


Participants can check out a limited number of Chromebooks at the Moore Library front desk, use Adobe products on the computers in the main area, or bring your own laptop/tablet. If there is interest in collaborating on a digital group drawing, I’ll make a Magma Studio link available the morning of the club meeting(s). USB thumb drives are included with the free Animation Kits.

Hand Drawn

The free Animation Kits include tracing paper, coloring pencils, sharpeners, and more useful supplies. We will have newsprint, pencils, coloring pencils, and a light trace box for general use/ collaboration, and participants are welcome to bring their own supplies.

Flip Books

Flip books are included in the Animation Kits. We’ll have some loose paper as well as a flip book size light box for shared use. Participants are also welcome to bring their own drawing supplies from home.

Stop Motion

We have Two Hue Animation Studio stop motion cameras so up to two groups can work on different projects simultaneously. We’ll also have some other set building materials for smaller projects. 

Teardown of stop motion projects (returning cameras to the No, Mine! Studios team and materials to their proper bins) will need to be completed by 11:50 a.m.


The South Side Animation Club will have mini-lessons on audio editing and sound design for animation at a future meeting. Because noise may be a factor, there won’t be a dedicated audio station at the first meeting, but library card holders can check out podcast kits for recording ahead of time from the Tacoma Public Library: (Podcast Kit Style 1/ Podcast Kit Style 2)

The Tacoma Library’s Digital Media Lab at the Main Branch (downtown) also schedules appointments for those who want to work on recording and editing.

If you have some basic questions about audio editing with Audacity or Adobe Audition, I will do my best to help at the club meetings after the mini-lesson and before the Showcase.


As a reminder, we have access to the library’s projector! Those who want to showcase their animations should email a YouTube/ other link to or bring a USB drive with the work. (This is an all-ages event, so please share work that is PG/ General Audiences friendly.) The showcase will start at around 11:30 a.m. (or sooner) depending on how many participants we have, so please get your digital files to me by 11 a.m. that day or sooner. We will also plan a longer Showcase later in the year. More details to come!

Local game devs, you are welcome to share your work here as well! Message me ahead of time so we can make sure we have the necessary equipment/ cables.

Share with Friends!

Please help us get the word out to as many interested community members as possible!


The South Side Animation Club wouldn’t be possible without the Tacoma Public Library Moore Branch, the City of Tacoma Arts Commission, the City of Tacoma Office of Arts and Cultural Vitality, and the support of the greater Tacoma community.

Thank you for your support!