Group Film Project: Collaboration Opportunity

Over the month of June, we will be planning and making a short feminist horror film. If you’re into dark comedy, progressive politics, and off-the-beaten path kinds of projects, join in on this collaborative effort!

A loose script has been prepared; this is open to critique/ expansion depending on who wants to be a part of this project. There’s openings for actors, camera operators, editors, makeup artists, and additional support. I especially want to create space for women, people of color, LGBTQIA, and individuals with disabilities to feel comfortable to contribute on screen and behind-the-scenes.

The majority of work will be done on weekends with filming to be done over the last two weekends in June. Although the theme maybe a little bit dark, parents are welcome to bring kids on the set/ to planning meetings.

For more information or to join up, go to No Mine! Studios’ Facebook page and click on “Events”.