Welcome to No Mine! Studios.

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No Mine! Studios is a creative practice led by Tacoma-based artist Suzanne Skaar. You’ll also find the occasional collaboration with other Northwest artists and daughter, Izzy. In addition to art for “art’s sake,” No Mine! Studios projects range from educational to humorous to political. Pens, pencils, X-Acto knives, paintbrushes, and digital tools are wielded with equal enthusiasm.

Check out my design portfolio, the studio blog, and upcoming events. The Shop is always expanding, so come back often! If you want to commission original design work, need help on a creative project, or would like to collaborate, please email nominestudios [at] hotmail [dot] com. I accept projects on a case-by-case basis (writing, editing, design, project management, and more).

Have fun perusing this site, and share No Mine! with your friends!



No Mine! Studios

All content on this site remains the sole property of the artists and may not be reproduced without permission. Copyright 2014 

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    Suzanne tries to keep her politics limited to Twitter. You can follow her @SuzannneSkaar. No Mine! also has a Tumblr, which you can follow here: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/nominestudios .
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    “Come on, Mom, we’re going to take over the world!”
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