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Hi, I’m Suzanne Skaar. I’m an artist, writer, community organizer, and mom based in Tacoma, Washington.

Projects on this page range from educational to humorous to political. My written work has been published in The London Reader’s Motherhood Issue and in the Creative Colloquy Print Anthology, Volume 6. I have presented on topics ranging from immigration (Tacoma, WA, Tripod Series April 2019) to secret societies (Portland, OR, Drunken Discourse, October 2019). I’ve been a guest panelist at Seattle’s GeekGirlCon (2018, 2019) and a panel moderator at Jet City Comic Show (Tacoma WA 2019). In 2021, I was accepted into the Tacoma Artist Initiative Program to work on my current project, an as yet untitled 2D pixel art game. And the City of Tacoma accepted the South Side Animation Club (see below) as a 2023 Community Arts Project.

Those interested in the volunteer call for audio submissions for the as yet untitled dinosaur game can learn more here. While the deadline was July 26, 2022, I will do my best to include those who missed it. If you are already to submit and are just looking for the application, here you go! Word/ PDFIf you want to participate but don’t have access to a digital recorder, fill out the application anyway and let me know that you need assistance with this part. The audio does not have to be perfect, and we can figure out alternative arrangements.

It’s official! Starting in July, join The South Side Animation Club at The Grand Cinema (606 Fawcett Ave Tacoma) the second Wednesday of every month from 6-8 p.m.! We’ll be taking a break in June, but can’t wait for the next meeting! We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your finished and in-progress animations, collaborate and/or work on solo projects, and network with other animators of all skill levels. This meeting is free and all ages.


South Side Animation Club
Join the South Side Animation Club at the Grand Cinema (606 Fawcett Ave Tacoma) on the second Wednesday of every month from 6-8 p.m.! Free and all ages. Presented by No, Mine! Studios, with support from The Grand Cinema.

Animation includes a wide spectrum of genres and styles. Animators working or looking to work in traditional and digital formats, stop motion, indie game dev, as well as sound designers, writers, voice actors, and more are encouraged to attend. While we have some equipment and supplies on hand, including newsprint, pencils, light tracing boxes, plug-n-play drawing tablets, a projector/ screen, and a small stop motion camera, please plan to bring a sketchbook and pens/pencils, tablet/laptop, or whatever art supplies you may need.

This is not a formal class, but we will have all-ages mini-lessons on various topics such as storyboarding and character design at the beginning of each session if there is interest. [Children are welcome with supervision.]

Thank you to The Grand Cinema for hosting us! We appreciate your ongoing efforts to support the Tacoma arts community! Thank you also to the City of Tacoma Office of Arts and Cultural Vitality, and the Tacoma Arts Commission for helping make this project a reality as a 2023 Community Arts Project!

If there you are interested in a group collaboration project, have further questions, or would like to volunteer/ donate supplies to the South Side Animation Club, please email nominestudios@gmail.com.

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Thank you for your support!


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