We’re in the midst of planning an instigators/ collaborators meet-up in the Tacoma area for artists (visual, musicians, writers, photographers, etc.), entrepreneurs, schemers, and helpers. If you’re interested in meeting up with others to talk about projects, drink, and create, what days/ times work best for you? 

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The Waste Land

The Waste Land

The Waste Land. Suzanne Skaar. Digital Media.

In memory of April, and other loved ones who have lost the fight to cancer. It was a hard battle; she fought it graciously, on her own merits. She was a good woman, a hilariously goofy friend, a loving mother and wife, a devout believer, and my forever mischievous cousin. Today she would have been 35. She was always much braver than I, and she stood by me when I needed it, even though an entire country separated us.

April Already?

Suzanne Skaar. Steampunk Series, Pt. 2, Concept work, Animation. 2014
Suzanne Skaar. Steampunk Series, Pt. 2, Concept work, Animation. 2014

Suzanne here. I’ve been slacking on keeping up the blog because of all the cool wheelings and dealings going on. 🙂 First, my proposal, “Little Hermitage,” has been picked up by Tacoma’s Spaceworks, meaning once a suitable space is found, I’ll be working in a space that will be open to the public for special events once or twice a month.

I am also excited to start working on a new project for an out-of-town arts festival. Above is a sneak peek into August’s fun. Details for both will be posted on the Upcoming Events page.

As always, if you are interested in collaborating, purchasing artwork, or just giving us a shout out, leave a comment or email nominestudios [at] We’re also on Facebook because we’re cool (?) like that. We’d love to hear from you!


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