Frozen Sequel Pitch

We held out longer than almost everyone we knew, but to no avail. In less than a month, the movie Frozen has changed the way our home operates.  Trips to the grocery store take a dangerous turn when the nearly-three-year-old spots “Snowball!” Even worse, us adults have created full-length rewrites of the songs for communication purposes. (The winner thus far is “Do You Have To Be a Grump-Ass?”)

We decided to sell out create a sequel to this blockbuster, and the screenplay is now in progress. It’s set in modern times, based on a true story, and the protagonist is a toddler with the amazing ability to turn things …

Wait for it …


Movie Poster Concept Work. Suzanne Skaar. 2014.
Movie Poster Concept Work. Suzanne Skaar. 2014.


We are seeking representation. If you know of any good agents or have an in with Disney, please forward our information.

We’ll remember you when we’re famous.

No Mine! Studios

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