Some New & Old Work up at Metro!


Starting Monday, you can see some new/ old/ never-shown handmade art/ prints up at Metro Coffee in downtown Tacoma. We’ll post pictures throughout this coming week. Don’t wait until ArtsWalk to stop by and purchase what you like!

As always, thank you for your support! If you like what we do, friend us on Facebook, and tell your friends!

the No Mine! Studios gang



Here’s Tim putting some finishing touches on a collaboration we started years ago, “Moped Guy and Wuv Bear”. Paper, brush pens, Microns, and old-school Crayola coloring pencils. It’ll be great to see this finally finished!

We also picked up the finished prints of Suzanne’s digital pieces from the fabulous 45th Street Editions here in Tacoma. We’re both excited to see them go up tonight!

We’ll post more pics from the show throughout the week. If you like what we do, share our site with friends, and come on by our show starting tomorrow.

Happy Monday!