New work and online shop updates!

I’ve been updating my Redbubble shop (@nominestudios). New and old work are available on a variety of products. Check it out, and if there’s a design you’d like to see on the shop, let me know!

“Hobbes” by Suzanne Skaar, 2022, all rights reserved. Art available on multiple products at Redbubble shop (@nominestudios).
“Swallow” by Suzanne Skaar, 2014, all rights reserved. Art available on multiple products at Redbubble shop (@nominestudios).
“Nerd Badge” by Suzanne Skaar, 2020, all rights reserved. Art available on multiple products at Redbubble shop (@nominestudios).

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Game Background Art

Good morning!

As many who follow this site already know, the background art for my as yet untitled dino game is loosely based on real spaces in Tacoma. Of course, since the characters in the game are dinosaurs/ other creatures of the Cretaceous Period (for the most part), some liberties have been taken.

Here are a few examples of what I have been working on. What other local landmarks would you like to see represented?

— Suzanne

Family Photography

I am happy to report I received my second vaccine dose (Team Moderna!) on Wednesday, and I’m just starting to feel a little more normal. As a result of the co-parent and I being absolute zombies after our shots, kiddo was definitely ready to burn off some energy yesterday. Here are a couple of photos from our outing to Chambers Creek.

Child wearing gray hoodie which reads "GRL PWR" (Girl Power) crouched, fists raised, and eyes wide.
“Fight me.” Photo by Suzanne Skaar. 2021. All rights reserved.
Father and child sitting next to each other in late evening. Sun glare behind father's head illuminates hair. Child is staring at snack in hand instead of looking at the camera.
“Golden Hour.” Photo by Suzanne Skaar. 2021. All rights reserved.

Get vaccinated and stay safe!

Work in Progress Wednesday

In addition to adding new details to game scenes this week, I’ve also decided to add products to my shop page on Redbubble. Take a look below for a new in-game video clip, and head over to the shop if you’d like to snag some game art early.

In-progress game footage made in Unity. Graphics, animation, and music/ sound design by Suzanne Skaar. 2021. All rights reserved.

Big news!

And now it’s official! I just signed my Tacoma Artist Initiative Program contract. I am grateful to the Tacoma Arts Commission for sponsoring me as I research and develop assets for my video game. I’ll be giving an artist talk later in the year on the technical aspects of this project and what accessibility means in art, community, and our daily lives. I will also be sharing details on how the local community can become part of the game.

Acceptance into this program was the catalyst for another major leap. No Mine Studios LLC (named after a once constant refrain from my daughter when she was younger) is an official business within the State of Washington.

Thank you everyone who has supported me in this endeavor over the years. More updates to come!

Voiceover Challenge

I have been seeing the TikTok Commercial Voiceover Challenge everywhere lately, so I decided to give it a try. You can watch it on YouTube by clicking here, or on TikTok by clicking here.

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Fun with Audio

While working on a new game animation sequence yesterday, I decided to take a go at some audio. Watch through the end for my voice acting debut. I may have made a few slight — major — adjustments to my voice using Audacity.

I don’t mean to brag, but usually I’m an alto.

I’m not even sure what range this would be.

I originally created individual sprites/ environmental elements in Photoshop and composited the scene/ set up the mechanics in Unity. Other sounds were made using BeepBox. Audio was added in Adobe Premiere Pro. This is still very much a work in progress.

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Fun fact: Removing the box collider from the playable character provoked instant evil laughter from the kid.

Poor dino.

Work in progress. Behind the scenes look at what happens if you remove the box collider from a game object. Suzanne Skaar. All rights reserved.