New Vendor & New Gear!

In order to offer as wide a selection as possible of just utterly cool things, No Mine! Studios now has a shop available at You can buy No Mine! coffee mugs, 3/4 sleeve baseball tees, throw pillows, studio pouches, and probably the most awesome dinosaur pants you will ever see in your life. You can also order No Mine! Studios designs in kids sizes (ages 3 months – 12 years).

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You can access the links to this new line of goods as well as other products through the official No Mine! Studios Shop page.

Thank you for your support! Have a rockin’ day, and share with friends!


No Mine! Studios

Shop Page

Happy Friday!

The Shop page is now available on our main menu, which is awesome because updating the website with a two-year-old helper is not as fast a process as one might think.

Dinsoaur # 2 Sticker. Suzanne Skaar. 5" x 5". 2014.
Dinsoaur # 2 Sticker. Suzanne Skaar. 5″ x 5″. 2014. (Not at all inspired by my junior assistant.) 

At the moment, links to purchase stickers and vote for the first T-shirt are all in one place. And as work becomes available for purchase in stores, locations will be added there as well.

Thank you for your continued support!


No Mine! Studios

The Variety Hour: Exploded View Cover Art

Tim Kapler. Album Cover Art: "Exploded View" by The Variety Hour. Paint, paper, digital media. 2014.
Tim Kapler. Album Cover Art: “Exploded View” by The Variety Hour. Paint, paper, digital media. 2014.

We’re happy to announce that The Variety Hour‘s new album, “Exploded View,” is being released on November 18 by Swoon Records. Oh hey, look, Tim Kapler’s work is on the cover!

Show The Variety Hour some love, and check out more of Tim’s work on our website.


The No Mine! Studios Crew