While gathering reference shots in South Tacoma for my game’s environmental design, I caught this little one pulling blossoms off a cherry tree and chucking them at the sidewalk.

Bird in cherry tree. Photo by Suzanne Skaar, 2021. All rights reserved.

Hat and Boots

Never underestimate the power of a favorite hat and boots, even when it’s approaching summer. My kid’s fashion is on point.

Boots 1
Isobel on a mission. Suzanne Skaar, 2019.

Hat 1 72
My hat looks way better on her. I’m okay with this. Suzanne Skaar 2019.

Rhodies 3 72
Playing in the rhodies at Wapato Lake. Suzanne Skaar 2019.

Rhodies 5
Isobel gathered fallen flowers and brought them across the field one at a time. Suzanne Skaar. 2019

I think I’ve spent enough time on the computer today. Time to go play outside. If you’re reading this, I hope you take the time today to go do the same.





Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Suzanne Skaar. Untitled work in progress. 12/5/13. Bristol board and X-acto knife.

This work was actually inspired by a picture posted by New Moon Goat Rescue & Sanctuary, located in Arlington, WA. They just lost a goat, Gypsy, despite I’m sure their best efforts to save her. Click on the picture above to visit their Facebook page, and consider how you can help them continue to provide love and care for animals in need.