Swallow Woodcut

Swallow Woodcut

Swallow Woodcut #1. Suzanne Skaar. Birch, laser. 2014.

This little guy and his buddies are waiting to find their place in the Anacortes Arts Festival Steampunk Installation. You can follow along with the progress by checking out Suzanne’s gallery throughout the summer. Click on the photo to see more.

Steampunk Installation; Work in Progress, Pt. 2

Steampunk Installation; Work in Progress, Pt. 2

Special thanks to my friends at FabLab for their help and patience as I set out to see how big of a laser cut I could make.
Answer: approx. 22″ x 34″.
I still smell like a Russian banya (sauna) from sitting next to the laser cutter for so long. Mm-mm, burnt birch goodness.
Sneak peek of 2014 Anacortes Arts Festival Steampunk Nursery installation in progress.
More to come! — Suzanne