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Despite studying photography as an Evergreen undergrad, and documenting many of my adventures around the globe, I am just now starting to update my portfolio and get back into taking pictures regularly. Click on the link above for a quick glimpse into some of my work. This page (like my work) will evolve with time.


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New Work: Radio Tacoma

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Artwork for Radio Tacoma, KTAH, 101.9 FM.

Artwork for Radio Tacoma, KTAH, 101.9 FM.


Here’s the latest visual art I produced for Radio Tacoma, a new community radio station working to get on the air by June 2017.

Want to create content or help us launch? Check us out at .




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Thank you!

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Thank you to those who have liked my art enough to add it to a little one’s nursery, to their own wardrobe, and to anything really by purchasing a sticker or other customized items such as skirts, scarves, pants, and notebooks.

New work coming your way soon!


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When You Love Somebody…

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… Sometimes you have to call them out.

It’s February, so I should be devoting time to my Valentine, Isobel. She just turned 4 this last week. Every day she does something else to remind me how quickly she’s growing, and how soon this magical time will be gone.

But the time I could be spending with my little one has been spent actively fighting a new danger to my Northwest community. It’s not bad enough that our local government has proven to be nothing more than a way for rich residents to play dynasty. Our Port has leased land to a Chinese LLC which aims to build the world’s largest methanol refinery to date using fracked gas in Tacoma. Methanol is a highly combustible compound, and the refinery will be placed next to a new natural gas facility, amplifying the potential for worst case scenarios (leaks, explosions, irreversible damage to water and soil, worsening of air quality, increasing health disparity, etc.).

I have been attending Environmental Impact Scoping meetings every chance I get. The most recent meeting I attended saw 1200+ residents against and three paid representatives for the project. The plant will use up to 20,000 gallons of water a minute despite the world wide shortage of clean water and a global rallying cry to convert to green energy. The purpose of the methanol refinery? Making plastics in China.

As an appointed member of the City of Tacoma Human Rights Commission, I was particularly troubled by the Tacoma Fire Department’s plan for detainees in the Northwest Immigration Detention Center that in case of catastrophe, there will not be an evacuation, instead they are to “shelter in place.”

So Tacoma, I love you, but I’m calling you out.

And for those who come to this page looking for cute drawings, not politics, I leave you the first in a series of illustrated responses to the proposed Tacoma Methanol Refinery. so as not to disappoint.



Draft: Otter Destruction. 2016. S. Skaar

I’ll post the finished illustration when it’s complete. If you want to learn more about the methanol refinery and how you can help protect our environment, please check out Red Line Tacoma.

Happy New Year.

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2015 was jam-packed, and did not progress at all as I predicted it would. I ran for office on a well-developed social justice platform with $150, went to Africa, learned some Swahili and Nyakusa, watched my daughter’s language and social skills blossom, made new friends, developed my shop, started the wheels turning for a new media platform, stood up for myself and others, recently began looking at new career opportunities, was made Second Vice-Chair of the City of Tacoma Human Rights Commission, and am finishing the year with pneumonia and maybe malaria, too. I’m finding lessons even in the setbacks. For example, it probably shouldn’t take fluid in the lungs to make me take a break, but it seems like I have to learn this lesson every year.

I have been inspired by many friends whose work improves communities around the globe. In addition to illustrations of dinosaurs and a flailing Moped Guy, I plan to tell somewhat more serious stories in the coming year through writing and podcasting. I’ll share links as new projects are completed. As always, if you would like to collaborate, drop me a line at nominestudios [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Thank you for your support. Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a Happy New Year. Make 2016 count.



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Indie Gogo Pitch Pic

Artist with daughter, Isobel. 2015. Tacoma.

Collaboration Opportunity

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Tacoma is high on awesomeness and low on media choice. To fix this, I present Amplify Tacoma.

Amplify Tacoma

The first collaboration meeting is in downtown Tacoma on Saturday, December 12, at 10:30 a.m., location to be revealed upon confirmation of attendance. Follow Amplify on Facebook, and show your support.



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In other news…

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I try to limit blog posts on non-art related matters (I count toddler-wrangling as an art form for this purpose), but I would like to share my decision to run for Tacoma City Council with you. Your support would mean a lot to me. For more information, please like and share my Facebook community page.

Thank you,



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