Happy New Year.

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2015 was jam-packed, and did not progress at all as I predicted it would. I ran for office on a well-developed social justice platform with $150, went to Africa, learned some Swahili and Nyakusa, watched my daughter’s language and social skills blossom, made new friends, developed my shop, started the wheels turning for a new media platform, stood up for myself and others, recently began looking at new career opportunities, was made Second Vice-Chair of the City of Tacoma Human Rights Commission, and am finishing the year with pneumonia and maybe malaria, too. I’m finding lessons even in the setbacks. For example, it probably shouldn’t take fluid in the lungs to make me take a break, but it seems like I have to learn this lesson every year.

I have been inspired by many friends whose work improves communities around the globe. In addition to illustrations of dinosaurs and a flailing Moped Guy, I plan to tell somewhat more serious stories in the coming year through writing and podcasting. I’ll share links as new projects are completed. As always, if you would like to collaborate, drop me a line at nominestudios [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Thank you for your support. Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a Happy New Year. Make 2016 count.



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Indie Gogo Pitch Pic

Artist with daughter, Isobel. 2015. Tacoma.

Save Dough on Shipping!

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Today is the last day to guarantee arrival by 12/24 via Standard Shipping (within the US) from the No Mine! Studios Redbubble shop. The Holiday Express shipping deadline in 12/19. A variety of last minute gifts are available here. Check it out, and support an indie artist this holiday season!
Ho ho ho!
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Crafty Like That

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For a long time, I let the imaginary divide between “real art” and “craft” steer me away from fabric arts and into painting. While I enjoy painting a lot, I’m ashamed at how old I was before realizing how inherently sexist this classification is.

The work that other artists have mastered for the sake of beautifying their homes and the lives of their families is no less challenging or “real”. I underestimated how hard it was as a new mother, and dove headfirst into sewing projects. Between grad school and a new child, I didn’t have the time or energy to master the basic steps before tackling her first Halloween costume. As Trick-or-Treaters arrived at the door, I was still trying to attach a furry green tail to the back of an unlined vest, disappointed that I wasn’t capable of doing more.

Izzy's first Halloween costume. I'm sorry, kid.

Izzy’s first Halloween costume. I’m sorry, kid.

After I graduated and no longer could depend on daycare to help out, the demands of cleaning up after a 15-month-old, cooking everything from scratch, and freaking out over typical childhood injuries pushed my artistic practice in a digital direction. {It’s a lot harder for a kid to hurt themselves using the items in Photoshop than any of the items typically found in an artist studio. My head hurts at the memory of all the aerosol I used to make “real art.”}

Thinking back on the amount of spraypaint used for this half-finished piece, I now get why I didn't finish it.

Thinking back on the amount of spraypaint used for this half-finished piece, I now get why I didn’t finish it.

By focusing on making art for public consumption versus private enjoyment, we can often lose sight of taking on even more challenging tasks. Pleasing the ever-changing tastes of a three-year-old is an excellent multi-purpose exercise: speed, flexibility, creativity, and humor come back into the artistic practice, and can only improve future projects.

With the goal of once again working for my favorite client, I picked up the needle and thread yesterday. I drew out patterns on felt, solicited input, and made something that arguably could have been bought in the cat section at Pet Smart for 1/20th of the cost in terms of labor and supplies.


Despite its shortcomings, Isobel received it happily. She watched me while I worked to see what goes into making projects from scratch. The process is just as important as the product. I’m starting smaller and building my skills up again in a new medium, and my daughter is learning that we all have to start somewhere.

Collaboration Opportunity

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Tacoma is high on awesomeness and low on media choice. To fix this, I present Amplify Tacoma.

Amplify Tacoma

The first collaboration meeting is in downtown Tacoma on Saturday, December 12, at 10:30 a.m., location to be revealed upon confirmation of attendance. Follow Amplify on Facebook, and show your support.



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Play Nicely…

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In light of all of the violence, political in-fighting, and just general atmosphere of unkindness that seems to mask the good still left in the world, I decided to make this design as a reminder.

Play Nicely or Get out of the Sandbox.

Be nice to each other.


A fed up mom/ Suzanne, No Mine! Studios


Gift of the No Mine! Kind

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It’s December!


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You’ve made it through another year. Congratulations!


Treat yourself at the online No Mine! Studios Redbubble shop. Custom order stickers, cards, framed prints, scarves, skirts, coffee mugs, hardcover journals, and more embellished with No Mine! designs. Great for a last minute gift — most orders are printed and shipped within 24 hours! To find must order by dates, click here.


Have an idea for something you’d like to order but don’t see it in the shop? Send an email to nominestudios [at] hotmail [dot] com.





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Can I just say…

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How happy the new Macklemore & Ryan Lewis video makes me?! I don’t know why…

Oh wait.

Yeah, I do.

Suzanne Skaar, Hi. Sticker. 2007.

Suzanne Skaar, Hi. Sticker. 2007.

Suzanne Skaar. "Dragonfly Swarm." Digital Media. Moped Guy Series.

Suzanne Skaar. “Dragonfly Swarm.” Digital Media. Moped Guy Series.

Suzanne Skaar. Moped Guy and Tricycle Bear. 2007. Spraypaint & Definitely Not former apartment's wall.

Suzanne Skaar. Moped Guy and Tricycle Bear. 2007. Spraypaint & Definitely Not former apartment’s wall.

Suzanne Skaar, Moped Guy Rides! Animated gif, 2008.

Suzanne Skaar, Moped Guy Rides! Animated gif, 2008.

I love the Northwest arts and music scene!

— Suzanne

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