Tacoma Needs Love (Blatant Political Post + Portraits)

Meet my friend, Courtney Love. This brilliant activist/ single mother resides in South Tacoma and is running for City Council Position 7. Since day one, I’ve been impressed by her passionate advocacy for social and economic justice in our community and beyond. Our city needs a leader who listens and knows how to collaborate.


I did a quick walk about with her through downtown Tacoma last week to help get her Voter’s Pamphlet headshot prepared. She agreed to let me share a few outtakes from our shoot that didn’t make it into the pamphlet. You can find the one that did here. I hope you’ll take the time to get to know her and learn about her platform. And donate – money, time, money…! She is a grassroots candidate and needs all our support.


Courtney 2 72
One of my favorite pictures of Courtney Love. I’m not sure why this wasn’t selected for the Voter’s Pamphlet. 😉
Courtney 1 72
Courtney’s got the one raised eyebrow down.
Courtney 3 72
This didn’t make it in the Voter’s Pamphlet, either.

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